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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Australian Scientists to Study Animal Feelings

The purpose is to make them happier as livestock. I guess you have to decide for yourselves what you think about that.

The excerpt below is from the Sydney Morning Herald. Go here for the full article...
Australian scientists have set themselves the challenge of understanding the minds of animals and what they are feeling.

A team based at the CSIRO aims to use the study to reduce stress and pain in livestock.

"The challenge is to gain insights - in a scientifically rigorous way - into how animals' minds work," CSIRO scientist Caroline Lee said in a statement on Wednesday.

Advertisement: Story continues below "Ultimately, the outcomes of this research will expand on our understanding of emotional and cognitive functions of livestock and the impacts of farming practices on animal welfare."

The research is being funded by Meat and Livestock Australia

1 comment:

Andrew Heaton said...


This sounds like a positive development.

Obviously, we are not animals and cannot have a complete understanding of animal emotions. Nevertheless, most farmers, I would imagine, genuinely care about the welfare of their animals, and would welcome any understanding which could enable them to better care for their livestock.