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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chinese Authorities Seize Bear Parts

I suppose it shows they are making some effort, but it's still a huge problem.
The load included 173 bear paws, one python skin and the carcass of a pangolin — a type of sticky-tongued, toothless, nocturnal anteater that is a menu item in southern China.

Bear paws are also considered a delicacy in southern China where exotic animals are favored by diners despite the impact on populations of endangered species.

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Bea Elliott said...

I agree... absolutely sickening. Even more so reading this "the paws likely came from bear farms, and the seizure highlights the need to take a closer look at the bear farm industry." These poor bears are in tiny cages their whole lives - decades. All for the purpose of extracting bile - which can be synthesized in labs...From what I know - after they are no longer "productive" at making this bile - they are butchered for other "medicinal" parts - such as paws...

Not unlike all the other exploited, tortured animals - all a very sad reflection on us.

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