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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seal Meat Served in Canada

Definitely a niche market,but demand has been increasing. And this is despite the bad press received by the annual seal hunts.
For time immemorial seal has been eaten -- raw -- as a traditional food by indigenous people such as the Inuit.

It also has been a traditional food for generations of hunters in Canada's east who serve it up roasted, or sometimes with a hearty Burgundy sauce.

Now, rustic seal has been carted out by back-to-basics foodies dressed up as a gourmet delight, particularly inspiring diners in mostly French-speaking Quebec province, where there is a devoted food-lovers' culture.

Many diners are huge fans of its taste, describing the mammal's meat as somewhere between duck and veal.

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Toronto Real Estate said...

I'm glad the meat production is limited to such short numbers and the limitation that the meat has to come out of a slaughterhouse is a good thing too. If the limits weren't set for this delicate meal, I believe the number of seals would drastically drop down. I bet some people still find it wrong and disgusting but it's just another type of meat. Thanks for the article.

Take care, Elli

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