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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seal Slaughter Stopped by Russia. Canada? Not So Much.

Kudos for Russian leader Vladimir Putin for stopping the slaughter of seals. Maybe Canada can learn something from the former KGB agent and avid hunter about compassion.
The ministry said: “This is a serious step forward to protect Russia’s biological diversity. This decision was made largely thanks to public environmental organisations which took an active position on this issue.” Conservation groups have staged protests in 20 Russian cities this week, demanding an end to the slaughter. Activists accused Norwegian companies of encouraging the killing because seal hunting was no longer allowed in their own country.

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Anonymous said...


Not understanding a great deal about this trade, I am not in a particularly good position to make informed comment, but from what you have said, this does appear to be a positive step from the Russians toward the protection of biological diversity.

As you say - Canadians take note!

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