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Thursday, November 27, 2008

100,000 Salmon Released in Sweden

From Biteback:
On the night of 21 November more than 100,000 salmon were liberated from two fish farms in northen Sweden.
These two fish farms are a part of the huge Swedish fish farming industry that kills over 5 billion fish every year.
In a fish farm, tens of thousands of fish live cramped in net-cages without any chance to engage in their natural behaviors, like traveling long distances.
Fish are individuals who feel both pain and stress, and to breed, keep them in cages and kill them, however it is done, is unacceptable.

We wanted to give as many of these individuals as possible a chance to live the rest of their lives in freedom, instead of ending up on a dinner table.
We realise that some of the released fish will die in the wild because they were born in captivity and may have trouble learning to finding their own food, etc. But there is a big difference between dying in freedom than in captivity, and it is guaranteed that more fish are going to survive in the wild than if they were left in the fish farm.
We are also aware that the liberation of the fish may have a negative effect on the ocean ecosystem. We hold the farmers responsible for any such effects, because it is their oppressive actions that forced us to act.

At Näske Lax AB more that 100,000 salmon were liberated by cutting all the net-cages that were holding the fish. A boat motor was also destroyed and some tires slashed. A spray can was emptied painting messages from the DBF.
The farm is not insured and after economic loses of millions of Swedish Kroner, the farmer doesn't think he will be able to open up the business again.

The second farm visited the same night was Ålands fiskförädlings, a big floating facility hundreds of meters out in the sea. After rowing out to the facility we cut as many net-cages as possible before dawn, releasing lots of fish.

Direct action saves lives!
Both by saving individual animals and also by economic sabotage we make it harder and less profitable to continue to torture and kill animals.

For the animals!
DBF (Swedish Animal Liberation Front)"

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