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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sea Shepherd Targets Canada's Seal Hunt

I don't care what Greenpeace or anyone else says. I love Sea Shepherd. Why? Because they FIGHT BACK instead of just wringing their hands and wagging their fingers.

Despite a stern warning from Ottawa to steer clear of Canadian waters, animal rights activist Paul Watson is vowing to head to the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence next week to oppose the annual seal hunt.

Watson said Wednesday he and members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will sail into Canadian waters aboard the Farley Mowat to document the "perverse abomination" of the hunt from outside Canada's 12-mile territorial limit.....

Federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon is threatening Watson with prosecution if the 54-metre, ice-class ship enters Canadian waters because he claims the Farley Mowat doesn't meet international shipping standards.

Photo by red.

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