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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sea Turtles Becoming Livestock?

One definition of "livestock" on the internet says "domesticated animals such as cattle or horses raised for home use or profit, especially on a farm."

Where do wild animals fit in here? Because I'm seeing more and more talk about "wild animals" being farmed for food and other products. Are they on their way to becoming domesticated and, therefore, new livestock?

The latest is the endangered sea turtle. The sea turtle has been eaten for centuries and it is a delicacy in such places as Baja California where sea turtles virtually disappeared due to "overharvesting." But now I'm seeing that they are being farmed for local use, even though the international trade has been illegal since 1977.

Oh good, let's get them onto the dinner plate. That will conserve the species in the long run. No one wants to save a living thing, but a TASTY thing....that's different!

Here's a turtle farm out on the Cayman Islands. Apparently, the enterprise failed a couple of times in the 60s and 70s due to those darn conservation regulations about selling sea turtles in countries like the US. They refer to their "herd," but also indicate all the research made possible due to their farm. They release turtles and have been the site for a number of research dissertations. Judge for yourself.

The Property and Environment Research Center (Improving Environmental Quality through Markets) seems to like it. They wrote a piece on it.

The Humane Society wrote a piece too, but they don't like it so much.

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